People pay attention to what they eat for many reasons. Some may simply be allergic to some types of food, while others want to stay in shape and try to avoid food that does not help them do so. 

While being aware of what goes down to your stomach is important, did you know that some food can be bad for you before it even goes down your throat? Some food is bad for your teeth. They can damage teeth in various ways, such as tooth decay, cracks, chips, and more. Note that some of these foods are not bad for your body. In fact, food items like fruits and veggies are great! However, what might agree with your body may not always agree with your teeth.

 With that in mind, here are three food items that are bad news for your teeth:

1. Ice 

Water is good for you, so how is it that ice is bad? Technically, ice is not a “bad” thing. You can pop it in your favorite drink to cool it down and enjoy. The problem only comes when you actually start chewing on the ice. Ice is hard, and can easily damage the enamel on your teeth. In worst-case scenarios, you may chip pieces of your teeth off, if not crack it straight in half!

For the sake of your teeth, avoid chewing on ice. If it’s a craving, it might be because your body does not have much iron. Keep the ice in your drink and have some iron-rich foods like spinach to keep your teeth crack-free.

2. Coffee

Coffee (and tea) are, for most people, part of their wake-up routine. They head straight to the kitchen after a restful night to enjoy a warm and energizing cup of coffee or tea. Unfortunately, whether you drink them sweet or sugar-free, the caffeine does not bode well with your teeth. That is because caffeine dries your mouth, and this lack of saliva can facilitate tooth decay. Coffee is also known to stain teeth and make your breath stink. You can still enjoy this wonderful drink, but we highly recommend drinking plenty of water as a follow-up. It will remove any stains in your teeth and keep you and your mouth hydrated!

3. Alcohol

According to science, some amount of alcohol in the form of red wine can be healthy for your heart. Of course, too much of it is the issue. However, alcohol itself is not so friendly with your teeth. Much like caffeine in coffee, alcohol dehydrates you, and this includes drying up your mouth. Without that saliva, your teeth are more prone to decay. If you do drink any alcoholic drinks, it is always vital to drink plenty of water after. Not only can this keep your mouth and teeth in good shape, but it can also lower the chances of a hangover if you drank a little too much.


There are many other food items out there that do not bode well for your teeth, from candy to acidic fruits and vegetables. However, this does not mean that you should eliminate them from your intake. You can still enjoy things like candies and alcohol, but we highly recommend drinking plenty of water afterward paired with great oral hygiene habits to maintain your teeth. That being said, if you run into any issue with your teeth when eating just about anything, do contact your dentist and book an appointment right away. Addressing the problem earlier will not only save you time and money, but the pain that follows for issues like cracked teeth, decaying roots, and more.

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