Stained and yellow teeth can be unsightly and a source of great embarrassment, especially when they’re forever immortalized in a photograph that will last for who knows how long. While the problem is something that most people wouldn’t want to have, the unfortunate reality is that stained teeth are something many people have.

For some lucky few, brushing more often and cutting down on staining foods and habits have helped them whiten their teeth significantly. However, for most of us, a professional tooth-whitening procedure is required.

If you are worried that such a procedure is a scam and dangerous, do not be. It is safe and easy to do. Plus, it barely takes an hour! However, it will not permanently leave your teeth white. Remember, your teeth are like a sponge, even though they seem solid. This means that, whatever you eat or do, any stains that get on your teeth will likely stick there.

To make sure that you maintain those pearly whites, here are four tips that can help you:

1. Brush often

Brush as often as you can. This can mean that you bring a toothbrush and some toothpaste wherever you go. If you love to grab a cup of coffee before heading to the office, for instance, having your dental kit with you means you can brush after you are done.

By doing this and remembering to brush after every meal, you keep your teeth free from bacteria and food particles. This ensures that tooth decay does not take hold while also strengthening your teeth to be more stain-resistant.

2. Avoid smoking

If you smoke, you might have noticed how, after a few months, your teeth will have yellowed. If you do not smoke, then you might observe this in other smokers.

Nevertheless, avoid smoking if you can. That is because cigarettes contain substances like tar that can yellow the teeth. To add to this, smoking itself is harmful to your body. Not only does it cause oral cancer and other diseases, but it is just unhealthy overall.

3. Eat the right food

By eating the right food, we mean that you should avoid eating anything that is known to stain your teeth easily. For instance, you should avoid coffee, berries, dark sauces, wines, and similar food items packed with pigment.

On the other hand, you should eat fruits and vegetables that are packed full of water to promote saliva production. This saliva also helps break down the acids that can hurt the enamel of your teeth.

4. Use whitening products

While at-home whitening products will never replace professional teeth-whitening, they do help maintain it. For instance, regular use of whitening toothpaste and gels can help ensure that your teeth stay white.

Just think of this like maintaining the car. You can polish it and wash it all you want. While this will keep it clean for a long time, if the car does get damaged, you will need to send it to the mechanic sooner or later.


If you pair these four tips with regular visits to the dentist, you will enjoy a set of white teeth! With that, you can proudly smile wherever you go, knowing that you look great with your bright smile. As an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about taking potentially embarrassing photos anymore!

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