We all know the importance of a good first impression. It’s the difference between a bad hair day where nobody talks to you, and a great hair day where you nail the interview and strangers high five you.

So it’s understandable teeth whitening and straightening services are the most popular cosmetic surgeries. But you want to make sure you do it right.

Join us today, for four reasons why the best teeth whitening service will always beat out an over-the-counter product for results.

Better Results

While you might think over-the-counter teeth whitening products have to be cheaper, the truth is they often aren’t. Not when you factor in repeat treatments, additional products, or alternative brands when the one you used didn’t work.

More than this though, the teeth whitening results you get from self-whitening products are usually not worth it. Regular applications with messy trays, gum guards, and solutions. Often you’ll need to wear them at night while you sleep, for a few weeks, and not eat anything immediately after use.

With the in-chair teeth whitening process, you go in for one session and come out with brighter teeth. What could be easier?

Customized Whitening

Something you might not realize is that the same shade of offwhite doesn’t look good on everybody. A bright smile on one person could look impossible on someone else. What looks just right with one patient could look dull and uninspiring on the next patient in.

This is why off-the-shelf products are such a risk. You only get a general product of whitening, with no real control over how much work they do.

When you professionally whiten teeth, your specialist consults with you on what shade to achieve. They brighten your teeth to that exact shade. No guesswork – just perfect results.

Access To Professional Advice

Another thing you lose out on when you whiten with over-the-counter products is a dentist’s professional ear.

Maybe there’s a reason your smile dulled out in the first place. In cases like this, a quick brightening job is a lot like painting over mould on a wall. Sure, the problem goes away for a few glorious weeks, but it’s going to come back before you never fixed what was wrong.

When you book in for a professional teeth whitening process, you’re not just paying for the work the dental technician does on your teeth. You’re paying for their advice on how to keep your smile looking great, so you don’t have to keep coming back for this service.

It’s Safer

This is a problem that is, sadly, very common among teeth whitening patients. Trying to save money, you’ll buy an inexpensive tube of off-brand or discounted teeth whitener, take it home and use it. Only you make a mistake during the application. Now your teeth have a permanent stain, concentrated patch of bleached enamel, or a weakened root.

Professional teeth whitening is safe. The people doing it are qualified and use the appropriate tools and chemicals for the job. Most of the people who buy home kits are anything but.

The Best Teeth Whitening Service: Ask Your Dentist

Whoever you choose to go with, the best teeth whitening service comes on a dentist’s chair, not out of a box.

Interested in dental services in the Chattanooga area? Get in touch with us, today, and let Shallowford help you into a brighter smile!

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