As a parent, you always want the best for your children. Aside from feeding them with healthy foods and choosing a good school, there’s one important thing of which to ensure: that your kids know how to take care of their teeth. 

When your little ones have the dexterity to tie their own shoes, they’re just about ready to start learning to brush their own teeth and get used to visiting their Chattanooga dentist every six months. The last thing you want to happen is for your toddler to start complaining about tooth pain, so proper dental hygiene habits are crucial!

While good brushing habits will reduce the chances of dental problems significantly, they can occur and as a parent, you need to know what to look out for. In this article, we’ll cover the five common oral health problems that many children often encounter. Read further below to see how you should go about treating them.

1. Tooth sensitivity

There is nothing more uncomfortable, inconvenient, and distracting than having tooth sensitivity. This happens when your kids’ tooth enamel has become worn over time, thereby exposing the root. When drinking hot or cold water, your little one may cringe from the pain and discomfort. 

If your child starts complaining of tooth sensitivity, it’s best to schedule an appointment with your family dentist in Chattanooga right away. 

2. Tooth cavity and decay

It’s common for children to indulge in sweets and have a sugar-laden diet. The problem, aside from the health repercussions, is that young kids aren’t as consistent at brushing and flossing their teeth every day. That’s why cavities quickly and easily become apparent over time. If left unattended, sticky plaque builds up on the teeth’s surfaces and soon escalates into tooth decay. The best thing you can do is monitor your children’s consumption and encourage good oral habits through constant supervision.

3. Gum diseases

Gum disease usually occurs in adults whose teeth have been exposed to various elements over time. However, children can also get gum diseases such as gingivitis due to poor oral hygiene. This condition presents as red, swollen gums and slight bleeding when brushing and flossing. If you see these symptoms in your child, address it as soon as possible before it escalates into periodontitis—a severe gum infection. Call the local dentist and have your children pay a visit for proper treatment.

4. Dental emergencies

It’s common for kids to encounter dental emergencies when they are physically active. They play sports, engage with other kids, and perform other physical activities that can potentially lead to an accident. As a result, they get some of their teeth chipped, cracked, or even completely knocked out. When these happen, it’s imperative to visit a dentist for an emergency appointment immediately.

5. Orthodontic issues

It’s rare for children to have a perfect set of white teeth as they grow up. They have overcrowded or misaligned teeth such as an overbite, underbite, open bite, and spacing problems. These may have to do with genetics caused by the oral structure such as the mouth and jaw. The good thing is that there are plenty of teeth alignment treatments available for your children today. Just visit your family dentist, and they’ll guide you to seek the appropriate orthodontic care.


At this point, we’ve covered the five common oral problems usually faced by children—tooth sensitivity, cavity and decay, gum diseases, dental emergencies, and orthodontic issues. Be sure to follow some of the valuable tips recommended above in preventing and managing dental problems. Ultimately, promoting proactive oral care among your children makes a difference in avoiding these dental problems.

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