Getting braces will put you on the road to achieving a perfect smile. However, once your braces are put on, you will only be halfway through the journey. You will need to take proper care of your braces to make sure that they do not get damaged when you bite and chew food. 

If you had just had your braces put on, you will need to adjust to the metal that will be part of your mouth for the next months (or years!) Read on about the things you need to remember while wearing braces.

Important Things to Remember While Wearing Braces

Now that the braces are stuck to your teeth, you will have to alter some of your habits to incorporate your braces into your routine. You may not be able to do everything as you had before, but it will all be worth it when your braces are taken off later on. 

1 – Never Neglect Dental Visits

It is important to never miss any dental or orthodontic appointments. Your orthodontist has carefully laid out a dental plan for your teeth. This plan will include specific times when your braces will need to be adjusted and how long you will need to wear them. Not following the recommended appointment schedule will disrupt this timeline and may force you to wear braces for longer than originally expected.

2 – Clean Your Oral Cavity Well

Cleaning your teeth might be a little bit more complicated than it was before your braces were put on. Your dentist will most likely recommend a special toothbrush that helps with the removal of plaque. They may also suggest using a water flosser and specialized toothpaste and mouthwash. These products will help you clean your teeth and gums and keep your mouth healthy while you wear your braces.

3 – Be Careful with What You Eat

You have to be careful about what you chew or bite into while wearing braces. You should avoid biting into anything that is too hard, or else you will risk causing damage to the brackets. It is also important to avoid consuming food that is too sticky and sugary, as these foods may cause gum disease and cavities if they are not properly cleaned off the surfaces of your teeth and gums.

4 – Follow Your Orthodontist’s Instructions

It is essential to listen to the instructions and advice your orthodontist gives you. Keep in mind that these professionals can teach you how to maintain proper oral health while the braces are on. They will never steer you in the wrong direction when it comes to your oral health. 

5 – The Pain Is Worth It

Remember that the pain you may be feeling now (especially when the braces are first put on) will not be permanent. Your mouth will gradually get used to the braces and accept them as part of your mouth as time passes. All the discomfort and pain you may feel now will be worth it after your braces are taken off to reveal your brand new smile.


If you have any questions about wearing braces, it is best that you ask your dentist and clarify all of your concerns before you go through with the procedure. Asking questions will help you become mentally prepared for wearing braces and will allow you to better prepare for the difficult parts of this experience.

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