If you are missing one tooth or more, you may consider partial dentures as a way to restore your smile. Partial dentures are removable dental prosthetics that replace missing teeth. They are typically made of plastic or metal and are attached to your natural teeth with a metal clasp.

Partial dentures can also be a cheaper alternative to dental implants and can be made to match the color of your natural teeth. They can also aid in restoring your smile, confidence, and ability to eat and speak properly. Moreover, they also help to prevent your remaining natural teeth from shifting out of place and are easier to keep clean. 

If you are considering partial dentures, this article will help you get better insight if they are right for you.

The Different Kinds of Partial Dentures

There are several types of partial dentures or false teeth you can get, depending on your condition. Let’s look into the two most common types your dentist might recommend:

1. Removable Partial Dentures

These dentures are secured in place by a plastic or metal (chrome or titanium) clip and replace one or more teeth. A removable partial denture is straightforward to remove and clean.

The artificial teeth of removable partial dentures are encased in gum-colored plastic and fastened to the natural teeth using metal clasps. They are removable, unlike set dentures so that they may be cleaned and stored overnight. However, they are more prone to becoming dislodged and hinder one’s ability to chew or speak properly.

2. Bridges or Fixed Partial Dentures

The fixed type of dentures replaces one or more teeth by affixing or joining the artificial teeth to the natural teeth on either side of the gap using crowns. Installed bridge dentures offer the look of natural teeth. Bridges and fixed partial dentures are more expensive than removable partial dentures. They need the use of healthy adjacent teeth for support.

Fixed partial dentures are an excellent option for individuals who desire something more secure and straightforward when it comes to their dentures. Dental implants anchored to the jawbone prevent dentures from shifting in the mouth by securing false teeth in place.

These partial dentures have few restrictions since they may be used to replace front teeth, back teeth, lower jaw bottom teeth, and upper jaw top teeth. Depending on your unique needs and circumstances, your denture specialist may recommend partial dentures instead of implants or bridges.

The Benefits of Partial Dentures

So, are partial dentures suitable for you? Here are some of the benefits of partial dentures to guide you before getting one:

1. Partial Dentures Are a More Affordable Tooth Replacement Option

If you’ve lost a tooth or more, you may consider getting partial dentures to replace your missing tooth or teeth. Partial dentures are more affordable than implants because they are less invasive and require less surgery.

2. Partial Dentures Are Easier to Keep Clean than Your Natural Teeth

Partial dentures are easier to keep clean than natural teeth because they are removable. You can temporarily remove them to brush and floss, and you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck in your teeth.

3. Partial Dentures Help You to Eat and Speak Properly

If you are missing teeth, partial dentures can help you to eat and speak properly. They restore your ability to chew food adequately and help to support your lips and cheeks.

4. Partial Dentures Restore Your Smile

If you are self-conscious about your smile, partial dentures can help to restore it. They can give you back confidence and make you feel better about yourself.

5. Partial Dentures Perfect for People with Metal Allergies

If you are allergic to metal, partial dentures are a good option because they are made of plastic or porcelain that are gentle on your gums and won’t cause any irritation.


If you are considering getting partial dentures, you must consult your dentist to ensure they are the right solution for you. Partial dentures can be a great way to restore your smile, but they are not suitable for everyone. It’s important to consult your dentist about your treatment choices before making a final decision.

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