It’s a common misconception for people to think that dentures are only for the elderly. This is because it’s much easier to see their teeth falling out naturally in their senior years. However, it’s not uncommon for younger adults to need dentures even before they reach retirement age.

Are You Due for Dentures?

Dentures become necessary for patients that have a missing set of teeth. Although dentures aren’t always necessary for these people if they practice good oral care, there are other factors to consider. Besides not having a complete smile, other oral complications can urgently highlight your need to get dentures.

In this article, we’ll share five signs that will tell you if you need to get dentures

1. Missing Teeth

The most obvious reason to get dentures is if you have missing teeth. Although some people can get by having gaps at the back of their mouths, that doesn’t mean they’re free from risk in oral health. While their incomplete smiles are less noticeable, an imbalance in your teeth can lead to complications to your gums and jaw in the future.

The imbalance of your upper and lower teeth can cause your teeth to shift and move, while the gaps can be pockets for bacteria to grow. For these reasons, it’s dangerous to leave open spaces along the gum line.

2. Advanced Tooth Decay

Tooth pain can come from different sources, which can make it difficult to determine its root cause. Nevertheless, it’s still important to consult with a dentist no matter what the cause of pain is.

The most common culprit for tooth pain is tooth decay. This can lead to complications in the tooth’s center, affecting the nerve and sending pain signals to your brain. Thankfully, tooth decay can be treated with a filling. However, you may need a partial denture of your tooth that is no longer repairable.

3. Frequent Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums is a result of early-stage gingivitis or a more serious case of periodontitis. If it’s the former, you shouldn’t need dentures yet if you can fix the bacteria buildup through brushing and flossing. However, periodontitis is a complex issue that occasionally leads to tooth loss. If your gum disease is already beyond help through deep cleaning, you’ll need to brace for tooth loss and eventual replacement through dentures.

3. Struggle Chewing Food

Difficulty eating is often due to having complications with your set of teeth. IT can be due to a cracked tooth, missing teeth, or sensitive teeth. Sometimes, it’s possible to fix this issue with braces, but a more permanent option would be to get the right-sized dentures.

4. Unexplainable indigestion

If you’re not chewing your food properly into smaller bits, it may be because you’re unable to do so. When your stomach takes up large pieces of food, there’s a potential risk that your stomach will experience indigestion. This is because larger chunks of food are harder to digest. After getting the right dentures, you will have a better digestive process.


Needing dentures is nothing to be ashamed of, whether you’re still in your 20s or close to your 50s. While you may have let your oral care go or suffered from a severe injury, that doesn’t mean you can’t recover with dentures. With the right dental clinic to help you, you’ll find it easier to bring a complete smile back into your life.

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