Many people are unaware of the bad habits that they may be doing that are unknowingly ruining their teeth and gums. Brushing your teeth too hard, not flossing, and smoking are just some of the habits that can lead to serious dental problems.

Here are the bad habits to avoid so you can have better teeth and gum health: 

Not Regularly Flossing and Cleaning Your Teeth

The procedures we don’t undertake frequently have the biggest effects on our dental health. Many dental care professionals stress the significance of maintaining oral health by brushing and flossing your teeth every day. Contact your Chattanooga dentist to learn more about the many routines you could incorporate into your daily life.

Teeth Grinding

When people are stressed, they frequently display their proclivities. Some could start twitching their legs rapidly, and others might start tapping their fingers on a desk. Tragically, however, some people engage in harsher habits, such as teeth grinding. 

Of course, this might cause someone to crack a tooth or speed the weakening of the enamel. To find out your options for reducing or eliminating the problem, you must immediately call your dentist in Chattanooga.

Biting Fingernail Tips 

Most parents have advised their kids to quit biting their nails at some point. This is because, throughout the day, you probably come into contact with many germs. You risk getting sick if you touch a small mouth wound with your fingers. As much as possible, refrain from chewing your nails to protect the integrity of your teeth.

Opening Packages Solely With The Teeth

Because it might occasionally be challenging to locate scissors, many individuals use their teeth to open various things. Despite its appearance of safety, tearing apart plastic packaging can hurt your teeth by slicing your gums and even fracturing teeth. Go to their office to find a cosmetic dentist in Chattanooga.

Excessive Binge Eating

After a long day at work, it is tempting to recline on the couch with our favorite TV show and as much food as possible. Extreme binge eating may be harmful to our teeth and gums, although it is occasionally appropriate. Even if the meals are generally good for you, you still risk getting cavities and other health issues from them.

Chewing or Smoking Tobacco

Despite the overwhelming proof of its harmful effects, people continue to use tobacco products daily. Tobacco is a habit that is frequently regarded as an addiction due to the substances in it. However, failing to adapt can lead to health issues, such as cancer and dental decay.

Drinking Too Much Coffee

A cup of coffee in the morning will undoubtedly help you awaken. Coffee is delectable. However, there can be too much good, as the adage goes. Consuming too much coffee might make your teeth appear dull and yellow. 

Sugaring coffee can cause a whole new range of dental health issues, weight gain, and cavities. As a result, many dental professionals suggest that patients only drink one cup of coffee daily.


Understanding the various poor habits that might harm your teeth and gums is critical. The most prevalent ones are smoking, using your teeth as tools, clenching or grinding them, and not flossing frequently. These behaviors can cause severe dental issues, such as tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss. As a result, it’s critical to be aware of your behaviors and take precautions to safeguard your gums and teeth.

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