Most individuals would agree that a person’s smile is one of their most recognizable facial traits. You’ll probably notice it immediately if someone has a visibly poor or insanely fantastic grin when you first meet them.

Veneers are a common choice for people who want to achieve their best smile. This article will run you through the things you need to know before getting veneers.

The Importance of a Reliable Dentist

Even though porcelain veneers are a cosmetic dental procedure, it’s crucial to arrange your new smile with a dentist who cares about your teeth’ function and health. Look for a reputable dentist with photos detailing the quality of their past work. It helps to look around social media and Google to see client reviews.

What Are Your Other Choices?

Veneers can solve various concerns and are a good option for most people looking to improve their smiles. However, it would be best if you first explored all of your alternatives. 

Your options may include Invisalign® treatment for misaligned teeth, teeth whitening for discolored teeth, or composite bonding for chipped or unusually shaped teeth. An expert dentist may advise you on your options.

Should You Get Permanent Teeth Whitening Instead?

As previously noted, veneers are the ideal treatment for those with discolored or stained teeth, whether due to aging, medicine, or food and drink. Before your custom-made veneers are constructed and applied over your existing teeth to conceal the discoloration, you get to choose the hue of your choice. 

You Need to Tell Your Dentist about Your Facial Plans

Tell your dentist before receiving your veneers if you want to receive any further aesthetic treatments for the face, such as fillers or lip injections, muscle relaxants, or cosmetic surgery. 

Any future modifications will need to be considered to guarantee your veneers will still be a suitable match for you in the long term. This is because all the planning is based on your present face shape and structure.

Getting the Right Size

In the past, porcelain veneers had a bad reputation for being large, square, and refrigerator-white and appearing the same on every patient. Modern dentistry adopts a different strategy since high-quality veneers should be individually created to complement your face and smile. 

You May Need a Different Number

Every patient is different regarding how many veneers they need or want. While some patients could want to have porcelain veneers installed on every visible tooth, others might just need one veneer to fix a damaged tooth. It also relies on your financial situation and the health of the teeth nearby.

Can You Reverse Veneers?

Because your dentist will need to remove some tooth structure to create a way for your veneers, depending on the desired result, veneers are a permanent dental procedure.

How Long Do They Last?

It’s vital to remember that porcelain veneers need to be changed every 15 to 20 years after you’ve decided to have them for life.

Your porcelain veneers need to be carefully maintained to increase their lifespan, keep them looking their best, and prevent having to replace them earlier than previously specified.


Porcelain veneers are a good choice for those who want to improve their teeth’s look. To ensure the quality of your veneers, make sure you see a reputable dentist with a history of high-quality work.

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