Shallowford Family Dental Group is highly trained in all aspects of general dentistry.

We provide our patients with total medical care, diagnosis and also therapy of diseases that affect the mouth and also the bordering gums. Therapies such as cleanings and treatment of dentures will enhance your oral health. Chattanooga’s Shallowford Family Dental Group is knowledgeable in procedures that are intended to preserve and safeguard your teeth from issues of discoloration, degeneration, and other issues.

Aesthetic dentistry involves oral procedures that are tailored to enhancing the appearance of a healthy mouth. Procedures are performed to enhance appearance, such as to correct problems like uneven teeth or treat an injury to a tooth. Problems such as periodontal gum conditions, as well as treatments such as root canals, are executed with care to diagnose the most matched procedure to help correct a specific oral condition.

Patients who might intend to re-shape their teeth or get rid of blemished spots will certainly undergo aesthetic dental care to boost their appearance. Aesthetic dentists could likewise be utilized to fix uncommon dimensions or spacing. Individuals who have too lengthy or also short teeth could have these conditions fixed as well as their looks boosted via cosmetic dentistry treatments. Additionally, individuals who have unpleasant voids between a tooth can undergo this procedure to improve their look.

One could go through cosmetic bonding which helps to enhance the shade of the teeth using an artificial enamel. The artificial enamel is used to fill in spaces between spots and also make the them whiter.

You could also undertake contouring. This is a treatment that reshapes damaged and also crooked teeth to look desirable as well as have the proper shape. Ideally, areas possibly eliminated and replaced with correct shapes to replace that bright smile to your face.

Patients can also undergo cosmetic veneers, which is a procedure that is done by our dentist to position a slim area finish to your tooth to help fix chipped and tarnished areas. According to Colgate, this extremely thin finishing is used to improve the look of patients’ smiles.

You can also undertake teeth whitening to help reclaim that sparkling white color. Through whitening you are able to recapture the white color and also boost your appearance and self confidence when smiling.

Finally, it is important to visit your dentist for regular checkups and care, or a dental emergency. This will determine which procedure will be best suited to help you revive your smile and enhance the look of your teeth. Exams are likewise needed for you to be able to check oral problems and help avoid conditions through a proper medical diagnosis and care.

We specialize in all aspects of dentistry and provide superior quality services (please check our reviews for reference).

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  • Can’t say enough great things about this dentist office! All the doctors are awesome and take great care of you! The staff and hygienists are also incredible! A great place for your families dental needs in Chattanooga!

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  • My family and I would highly recommend SFDG. Dr. Ankar and his team always treat us well and we value his knowledge as a dentist. They try their best to make what is often a unpleasant experience less uncomfortable and pleasant. Dr Ankar is not only my dentist, he's my friend.

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  • A few weeks ago I woke up with a terrible toothache. Shallowford Family Dental was the only Chattanooga dentist office I called that told me I could come in as soon as I could. This was my first cavity ever so I freaked out a little, but the team was super nice and Dr. Edwards and Mary Taylor did a fantastic job making me feel comfortable. Also due to their skill I was able to avoid getting a root canal!

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  • Very comfortable environment. Very nice and professional team. Highly recommend this dentist!

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  • Absolutely amazing practice! Sally and Dr. are just great! Would recommend to anyone looking for a great dentist office! :)

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