Cosmetic dentistry has quite a reputation in the dental community. While most of them are great, there are some not-so-pleasant impressions about the procedures that fall under this type of dentistry—due to some misconceptions. Before you form an opinion about the procedures under cosmetic dentistry, get to know the myths and truth behind them.

5 Common Misconceptions About Cosmetic Dentistry

1. It’s Not Necessary and Can Be Less Beneficial

People see cosmetic dentistry as optional because of the word “cosmetic,” which gives off the impression that it’s not a necessity. While cosmetic dentistry isn’t always necessary, the idea of it not being beneficial is far from the truth. 

There is no denying that physical appearance plays a role in one’s career. You don’t have to have movie-star looks, but you still need to take care of yourself. Having good teeth can be an indicator of good habits. Others might also need a confidence boost. While it may not be a must for others, it is an investment to a lot of people who care about the health and appearance of their teeth—especially those with missing or broken teeth.

2. You Can Whiten Your Teeth At Home Better

At-home teeth whitening may be effective to a point, but only for a short time. And doing these procedures yourself on a regular basis isn’t safe and healthy for your teeth. Professional dentists know exactly what to do to keep your smile brighter for longer periods of time without compromising your teeth’s health.

Getting veneers is one of the most recommended teeth whitening procedures with long-term effects. It involves customizing outer porcelain shells to fit perfectly on your teeth in the perfect size. Veneers can also protect your teeth from staining and can last for 20 years.

3. Braces are the Only Solution for Teeth Alignment and Gaps

If you have gaps in your teeth but fear getting braces, you don’t necessarily have to get them. Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way to find other methods of filling in the gap. Veneers are one way to fill the space while giving you a glowing smile as a bonus. Invisalign is also a non-invasive way to fix teeth alignment. 

4. It’s Painful

While movies of children being scared of going to the dentist make it seem like a painful thing, the truth is you will hardly feel anything in cosmetic procedures. Doctors will provide ample anesthesia so you won’t feel pain when you’re getting your teeth done. You may experience slight discomfort from being unable to feel anything, but that will wear off in no time.

5. Not Everyone can Afford it

Big shot celebrities or influencers have certainly become advocates of cosmetic dentistry, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not available to everyone. These procedures are investments that will last years. If you want to get these procedures done but are a little strapped on cash, you can always ask if there are any payment plans available for you.


Cosmetic Dentistry is the business of fixing broken or crooked smiles. While there are some aspects of your smile that are charming, there are those parts of it that you may be sensitive about. Many cosmetic dentistry procedures are designed to fix those aspects, so you won’t hesitate to flash the biggest smile you can.  

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