As any family dentist in Chattanooga will tell you, veneers are one of the absolute best treatment options for enhancing how your smile looks. While veneers have been quite popular as a cosmetic dentistry choice for some time, many advancements and innovations in technology have made them even better. 

There are several common misconceptions and myths about veneers, but they are also quite easy to debunk.

  • Front teeth are the only place for veneers

Contrary to popular belief, veneers are not just for front teeth. They can also be applied to other teeth to fix non-cosmetic issues like teeth that are cracked, chipped, and discolored. Other issues it is able to address are minor gaps and misalignments.

  • Getting veneers is a painful process

Major dental procedures are done with local anesthesia, which helps to numb the surrounding area of the concerned teeth. Aside from giving the patient a feeling of relaxation, the veneer application is thus painless. It is unusual to experience pain after treatment, and if that occurs, the dentist must be contacted immediately. 

  • Investing in veneers is too costly

The reality is, getting porcelain veneers is actually a great investment in the long run. The benefits are practically priceless in comparison, especially since they can last for decades, given the right maintenance. It is an investment for healthy teeth and a lifelong bright smile.

  • It takes several dental visits to get veneers

It is very possible to have veneers applied in a single appointment. What is recommended after is just a follow-up visit to make sure they adhered properly. The likelihood of needing to schedule a visit more than thrice at the most is quite low. 

  • Major tooth preservation is a requirement of veneers

Dentists actually work to preserve as much of the natural tooth as they can. The tooth or teeth will only be filed down minimally enough to provide room for the veneer to fit. This is typically only a tiny section from the tooth’s front. Compared to crowns, much less alteration to your natural teeth is required. 

  • Veneers stain quite easily

A lot of people fall under the misconception that veneers stain easily like natural teeth do when drinks such as coffee are consumed. This is not the case. If anything, veneers are actually a common choice to cover natural teeth that are severely discolored.

  • Veneers make teeth weaker

Not only is this untrue, but the reality is the exact opposite. Applying porcelain veneers to your teeth can serve as additional protection, especially since the enamel removed per tooth is only roughly one millimeter at most. Porcelain is durable and can even resist clenching and grinding of teeth while you are asleep. 


It is always best to do research before any medical procedure. Unfortunately, while there are a lot of facts online, there’s also a lot of misinformation. Getting veneers is not as costly, frightening, or stressful as it is made out to be. Of course, reaching out to a professional is always best to know if veneers are the right treatment for your dental situation.

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