An estimated 20% of the American population has some anxiety about going to the dentist. Regular dental visits, however, are vital to maintaining your dental health.

The most commonly feared dental procedure is none other than the root canal.

The problem is most people who fear the root canal have never had one. They base their fear on other peoples’ experiences.

This fear is rooted in cultural phenomena, such as television and movies. But is there any reason to be afraid of getting a root canal?

We’re here to answer the question: Do root canals hurt? Continue reading to find out what’s untrue about common root canal myths.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

The most common myth about root canal therapy is that it’s painful. Before modern technology and anesthesia, this may have been true.

The goal of a root canal is to remove dead or damaged tissue from a tooth. Patients typically feel less pain following their root canal.

Endodontists, the professionals that perform the procedure, are experts in managing pain. You can trust that you will be taken care of if you experience any discomfort.

This myth has been perpetuated over decades in the cultural imagination. If you’re scheduled to have a root canal, rest easy.

They Cause Serious Illnesses

Despite what many people may have you believe, root canals don’t cause illnesses. This myth is based on a series of studies performed more than 100 years ago.

The claim is that bacteria enters the body through the tooth and causes illnesses such as arthritis. This research is unfounded and people continue to exploit it to this day.

Modern research has shown no significant correlation between root canals and systemic diseases. Modern research shows root canals to be safe and effective for treating damages teeth.

You Should Just Have the Tooth Extracted

Some people will tell you to have the tooth removed. The truth is removing the tooth and replacing it with a bridge or implant may cause further issues down the road.

It is always best to try to preserve the natural tooth. Removing the tooth completely may cause spacing issues, jaw pain, and more.

Your Tooth Will Hurt When You Need a Root Canal

This is not always true. You may have a tooth that is already dead. The dentist should examine your teeth regularly to check whether or not you need dental work.

A root canal will prevent the tooth from becoming infected.

Nothing to Fear at the Dentist

The fear of dentists is overwhelmingly common. It keeps many people from getting the proper dental care they need.

If you’re one of those people, know there is nothing to be afraid of.

Do root canals hurt? Despite the urban legends you’ve heard, root canal Chattanooga don’t hurt. In fact, a root canal will relieve you of your pain.

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