In the United States, there are over 100,000 dentists.

Dentists that specialize in working with children and the issues they are confronted with are called pediatric dentists. A pediatric dentist is one who knows the unique dental challenges and problems children have.

Children have different dental needs than adults. Until later in their childhood, kids don’t even have their adult teeth yet. The process of losing child’s teeth “baby teeth” and gaining adult ones presents unique challenges. If your child is having any dental issues, they should see a pediatric dentist.

How Often Should You Visit a Pediatric Dentist

Children and adults go to dentists for a lot of the same reasons. Reasons like teeth cleaning, cavity prevention, and dealing with other issues are common. For the most part, a child should see a dentist at least once every six months to ensure they have no problems.

This is just the basic recommendation given by the American Dental Association. If your child has any special needs in relation to dental health, they may need to visit more often. You should discuss the issue with your pediatric dentist if you think they should go more often.

In general, your child’s dentist is going to have a good idea of what they need. They will inform you and request to see the child more often if there is a reason for it. Reasons for this can include tooth decay, incorrect growth of adult teeth, or problems with crowding and bites.

If a problem requires a surgical procedure, the dentist may do it themselves or refer you to a pediatric orthodontist. The nature of the problem is what determines this, as dentists and orthodontists cover different fields of dental health.

Pediatric Dentistry and Your Child

Most children see regular dentists because there are not as many pediatric dentists around, and most dentists have experience dealing with children. The most important thing if your child is having dental problems, is to see a dentist you can trust.

The more experience you have with your dentist, the more comfortable you are going to be. If there is a situation that is beyond their experience, you can trust your dentist to refer your child to a specialist. If available, however, a pediatric dentist can also perform all of the standard dental work you would expect.

Child health care encompasses the broader field of pediatrics. In general, both for dentistry and doctors, a child can see a pediatric dentist from the time they are an infant until they are in their late teens. Some even continue seeing the same patient until they are 21.

Dental Problems That Children Have

One of the most unique and pervasive issues with children is how their teeth grow in. Problems that begin to manifest here can impact the life of your child and lead them to have issues later on. Overcrowding of teeth, for instance, can make it hard to clean and leave them more prone to cavities.

Other issues become of more concern later in life. The stigma of having uneven or crooked teeth can make their teenage years far less enjoyable. Children in these situations can be made fun of, and this stress will contribute to an already difficult time in your child’s life.

Once your child has all their adult teeth, they could begin an easy treatment like Invisalign. In many cases, such treatments can get your child the smile they want and deserve. The process involves using see-through spacers and aligners in order to achieve the same results as braces.

Other issues that children face are the same as faced by adults but have unique complications. Enamel damage is a very common issue for children, sugary drinks, and soft drinks can destroy tooth enamel. When this happens to children, they are often given caps that protect their teeth against further damage.

Issues like canker sores, bad breath, and even thumb sucking are all dental issues. These issues should be dealt with as soon as possible or treated to prevent any additional problems. The health of our mouths doesn’t depend on our age, it depends on the care we give to our teeth.

The oral health of a child is very important. Dental health can have an effect on their development, both academically and personally. Our mouths have a great deal to do with our health, and that is true of adults and children alike.

You want to give your child as good a chance as they can have, so seeing a pediatric dentist at least twice a year is critical. Any less than that and your child may have problems that will be painful, distracting, and could even cause other, more serious health issues.

Finding a Dentist for Your Child

If you’re in the Chattanooga, TN area, and need a place to take your child for dental care, look no further. Chattanooga Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has all the services you need. From taking care of children to older teens and even the adults in your family, we can do it all.

Pediatric dentistry begins when a child is born and doesn’t end until they go and see a regular dentist. This entire process from the first tooth to their full adult set can be handled by our professional staff of dentists and hygienists.

Even if you don’t live near the Chattanooga area, or even in Tennessee, it is important that you find a dentist that can help you and your family. Dental health is an area that is far too often overlooked and can have devastating impacts on our lives and health.

Your Child and the Dentist

Always encourage your child to enjoy the dentist. Whether you are seeing a pediatric dentist for the first time, or going to see your regular dentist, children shouldn’t be afraid. Modern dentistry is effective, efficient, and doesn’t come with a lot of pain.

There is no reason to suffer through dental problems, or to risk your child doing the same thing. Take them to see a dentist no less than once every six months. Take care of dental problems before they grow for a healthy, happy life.

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