Having a beautiful set of pearly whites is paramount in helping people feel confident in speaking in front of others. Over the years, millions of people across the world have gotten dental implants, which is a dental treatment that solves missing teeth problems. What makes them popular is that the replacement teeth look natural, which allows patients to regain their confidence and have brighter smiles. However, regardless of how common this procedure has become, it’s more reassuring if you’re familiar with the process before going in for a dental visit.

A dental implant involves the insertion of artificial tooth roots that bond with the jawbone. It’s an excellent option for patients with one or more missing permanent teeth as they’re made to look, feel, and function like natural teeth. This is typically an outpatient surgery, but it may require several appointments to obtain the full benefits. 


Reasons For Dental Implants

If you’ve never heard of dental implants before, here are several reasons that require this procedure: 

  • Missing teeth
  • Doesn’t need a bone graft
  • Healthy jawbone & gums
  • Lack of health conditions


Risks Of Dental Implants

Keep in mind that all surgeries have risks, which doesn’t make dental implants any different. Some of the procedure’s risks include infection, injury or damage to other teeth or blood vessels, nerve damage, and sinus problems. 


Preparation For Dental Implants Procedure

Before the procedure, you will undergo several stages of preparation. The first will be a comprehensive dental exam, which will include x-rays. Then, your dentist will come up with a treatment plan, after which you will be asked to decide on the type of pain relief you want. 


What To Expect

During the procedure, your gums will be cut open, holes are drilled into the bone, and the post for the dental implant is placed. Once it is inserted, the osseointegration will start, which is when the jawbone will grow into the dental implant. Once this process is finished, the abutment surgery will take place. 

The procedure may involve tooth removal when necessary. On top of that, a bone graft may also be necessary if your jawbone isn’t ready to support the new tooth. What you need to remember is that the entire process may take several months to complete entirely, and this will include periods of healing between the insertion of the implant, abutment, and then the tooth and crown. 

After the procedure, expect some swelling, pain, bleeding, and even bruising to occur. However, if any of these symptoms persist after the prescribed period, then be sure to contact your dentist. 

Dental implant surgeries usually have a high success rate. However, it can still fail due to several factors, such as smoking and failing to maintain proper oral hygiene. In this case, the implant will be removed as the bone must be cleaned, and you will need to go through the entire process again. 



Missing teeth is no longer a problem that you need to worry about. Thanks to the dentistry field advancements, you can now restore your smile and confidence if you have issues with your teeth. A dental implant is one of the most popular dental treatments today because they feel and look like natural teeth. Nevertheless, before you undergo a dental implant treatment, make sure you familiarize yourself with the process to know how it works and help ease your anxiety towards it. 

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