Out of all the well-known procedures done within a dental clinic, the root canal is one that most people are intimidated about. There is an excellent reason for that, and it is because of the countless myths and misconceptions that have been making the rounds within social media and other high-traffic websites. 

While these misconceptions may seem harmless, they tend to devalue the overall procedure. In turn, an unnecessary fear amongst the patients develops, particularly for those who would otherwise go through with it without experiencing any damaging myths that they’ve been reading about online.

That said, you may be one of those who wish to debunk the myths and misconceptions about root canals. Here are some of the most prevalent ones you need to stop believing from now on:

  • They Are Very Painful

This is one myth that strikes fear, even amongst the bravest people. First of all, dentists are more likely to inject their patients with an anesthetic if they know that the procedure would be painful. 

While it is true that it is indeed a method that may hit countless physical nerves during the process, one important thing to remember is that the anesthetic will help to numb all of the affected areas in your mouth. So even if the soft center of your tooth is being drilled out, you will still feel nothing out of it.

  • They Will Cause Your Teeth to Be Very Sensitive after the Procedure

Once the anesthetics wear off, it is only natural for you to feel a certain level of swelling on your gums. This is nothing to worry about since your senses are just beginning to come back. 

In terms of the tooth, you will no longer experience the pain you felt before the procedure since the root canal has removed all of the infected pulp and nerves. In short, the misconception of this process making your teeth weak and sensitive is entirely false.

  • They Will Kill All the Nerves in Your Tooth

While it’s true that the root canal procedure involves the removal of the infected pulp and nerves, the truth is, they are only there to ensure that you will feel pain if ever something is off about your teeth. They are not necessary for your teeth to retain their structure, nor are they useful for adults. 

The only reason why they’re there is that they help with the growth of your teeth as you are growing up. Once you reach adulthood, they will stop doing that, making them a mere trigger of pain inside your tooth.

  • They Are Too Expensive

Many dental clinics are offering special promos and packages nowadays that would fit their patient’s budgets. 

Of course, they are still pricier than the other dental procedures in the clinic, however, that will still depend on the patient’s preference, whether or not they would go for the most expensive dentist or aim for the most affordable dentist to carry out the procedure.


The myths above should be debunked once and for all. Not only are they causing fear and confusion amongst the patients who need the procedure, but they are also giving a bad image towards the root canal. This procedure is otherwise painless, affordable, and completely safe to be undergone by anyone. If you need to have a root canal as well, go for it! There is nothing to be afraid of but these misconceptions online.

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