Bringing your child to the dentist is essential for ensuring their excellent oral development and optimal health. This also allows your little one to get comfortable with dental visits and develop a positive relationship with their dentist, making future visits trouble-free and hassle-free. However, going to the dentist for the very first time can make your kid jittery. After all, the idea of being in an unfamiliar environment filled with complete strangers can be quite uncomfortable or even scary. Because of this, you have to get your child prepared for their first dental visit. 

Here are some ways you can ensure that your child’s first visit to the dentist runs smoothly:


  • Start early


Help your child take their first step to getting healthy teeth and a confident smile by giving them a jumpstart on oral care early on. Our dentists in Chattanooga recommend having their first dental visit before they turn one year old. It’s also ideal to set dental appointments every six months. 


  • Discuss the importance of going to the dentist


The key to having a successful and smooth dental visit is by letting your child know why they need to go to the dentist in the first place. While you want to keep them informed, make sure to talk in a way that they will easily understand. Keep the discussion as simple as you can and do not bombard them with lots of information as they can get overwhelmed or discouraged. 


  • Use positive language


It’s not enough to just explain the importance of going to the dentist to your child. To ensure that your little one is well-prepared for their dental appointment and they don’t develop the fear of dentists, refer to dental visits only with positive terms. 

It’s vital that your child sees their dentist as their friend whom they can get comfortable with. Never use the words “hurt” or “uncomfortable” when explaining as this may cause your child to associate dental visits with pain and they may get even more worried and scared. Also, don’t tell them your bad experiences with dental appointments.


  • Set a good example to your child


Children often mimic the behavior of adults. This means how you act towards dental appointments impact your little one’s attitude about dental visits. If you act comfortable and show that there should be no reason to get scared at heading to the dentist, then your kid is more likely to adopt that attitude as well. Therefore, regardless of how scared or apprehensive you are of dentists, try not to let your little one see that you are anxious.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a family dentist in Chattanooga who will make your child’s first dental visit a positive one, then you have come to the right place. We create a positive environment for everyone and make our patients as comfortable as possible while they receive and undergo the dental services and treatment that they need.


Make your child’s first dental visit a pleasant one by calming their jitters and helping them become well-prepared. Emphasize that oral health is important to their overall well-being, and having healthy teeth is key to staying happy and maintaining optimal health.

Let our top-rated dentists in Chattanooga address your little one’s dental needs. We specialize in general dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and pediatric dentistry. Contact us today to book our services!

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