Sometimes having teeth can be a serious pain.

However, while you might get the odd ache here and there if your teeth are sensitive, having prolonged tooth pain is no fun and might point to a bigger problem. Luckily, dentists have the know-how to deal with the problem once it has been diagnosed. 

With that in mind, here are five signs you need a root canal!

What is a Root Canal?

This procedure is designed to save a tooth that has an infected root. The treatment removes bacteria that could cause further infection. The pulp of the tooth (containing nerves and blood vessels) is removed and then the space is filled and sealed to protect it.

Root canals may be needed if there is substantial tooth decay, or if there’s damage to the tooth. 

1. Pain That Chews at You 

Probably the most telling sign is root canal pain. But root canal pain is different from other teeth problems. While you may experience the pain when you’re not using your teeth, it will get worse when you’re biting down on food. 

2. Sensitivity That Runs Hot and Cold

Along with pain, if you are in need of a root canal you’ll probably notice that cold and hot food bother you more than they should. Your tooth shouldn’t throb when you take a sip of a hot tea or an iced tea. This sensitivity can range from annoying to sharp pain. 

3. Signs of Damaged Teeth

You might think having a chipped tooth or a crack in a tooth isn’t a big problem. But unfortunately, this provides a gateway for bacteria that can lead to an infection of the tooth’s pulp. 

There are a number of ways you can damage a tooth. It could be from eating something hard or from an injury. There’s also something called cracked tooth syndrome where the cracks are small and difficult to detect in an x-ray, and it mostly affects molars. 

4. Swollen Gums That Aren’t Swell 

Aside from tooth pain, you may experience painful gums as a result of a tooth infection. You may notice some inflammation or bumps on your gums and they can get more sensitive. While it could be a problem confined to the gums, a root canal might be needed in some cases. 

5. Teeth That Become Shady

You may be able to tell if you need a root canal just by looking in a mirror. Dark discoloration of a tooth can be from coffee or smoking, but it can also be a sign of infection. 

Don’t Ignore The Signs You Need a Root Canal 

Having a root canal is not something people dream about, but it’s a good alternative to removing the tooth. A root canal allows you to keep your natural teeth and maintain your natural smile! 

If you’re noticing signs you need a root canal, don’t put it off. Left untreated, the infection could spread into your jaw and beyond. To find out more about root canals and maintaining your oral health to avoid them, contact us today. 


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