Having a complete set of nice-looking teeth is an asset for anyone. After all, a person’s smile is what normally stands out when conversing with others; as such, it pays to invest in dental health! 

Cosmetic dentists are well aware of the issues caused by missing teeth, which is why restoring and replacing teeth remains to be a growing industry in the dental field. Missing teeth can come from a number of factors, with some being from gum disease, tooth decay from ignoring dental hygiene, the fallout from injuries and accidents, or just plain genetics. 

A gap between teeth can make a big difference in the way a person looks—which is where getting them filled in comes in.

The Options a Person Has for Replacing Missing Teeth

Fortunately, thanks to advancements in dental technology, there are easy solutions to missing teeth. We will be looking at three options that are known to be the best to fill in the empty tooth gaps, along with their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Dental Implants

These are best for when a single tooth or several teeth need to be replaced in the mouth. This requires a certain degree of surgery wherein a titanium metal frame will be mounted into the jaw. A replacement tooth, which usually looks exactly like a real one, is then mounted to the implant, allowing the replacement to be fit snugly into place. 

This is a permanent base for replacement teeth in the mouth. The big advantage of this procedure is that the replacement teeth can give off a realistic look while lasting for decades with proper care. People will not be able to tell the difference between a dental implant tooth and a real one, especially if they are matched to the color of the real teeth near it. They also do not require nearby teeth to be fit, so if multiple teeth are missing, you can still fit dental implants. 

However, the main issue with this is that it may not be an available option for everyone, as this procedure requires some surgery to be done. If a person is not in good physical health, this is not a viable option to take! It may also take months to fully heal, and dentists cannot attach the replacements until they are healed fully. 

  • Dental Bridges

For those who are not candidates for implants, this is the next best thing. If you are missing a tooth or more in a similar area, then this can be an effective option. It bridges the gap between two teeth by placing an artificial tooth, which is then bonded using dental cement. 

These are great because they are an affordable option that looks just like natural teeth. However, they lose out to dental implants due to being difficult to clean around the teeth. There is also the possibility of infections and tooth damage if not fit correctly, so ensure to approach only licensed dental providers near you!

  • Dentures

Dentures are a great option if multiple teeth are gone, and the dentist recommends replacing all of the remaining teeth. Partial dentures are better if some teeth are still usable, so this will still keep the remaining few good teeth while fitting a denture over them. This is the item that is usually worn by senior cartoon characters in cartoons. 

The advantages of dentures are that they are removable, and they look and feel natural when worn. They are normally the cheapest alternative and are easy to repair and replace if lost. Some users may find them a bit uncomfortable, but it just takes a few days to adjust to the feeling. Cleaning them daily is also a must, which is easily done due to their removable nature. 


When missing teeth, these are three options that are the most commonly recommended by cosmetic dentists. After all, these have the best value for money and are all quite easy to maintain! If you’re missing any teeth, then consult with your local cosmetic dentist to see your options with tooth replacements. 

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