Teeth whitening has gone leaps and bounds ahead since it was first developed, so there are various methods to effectively do it today. The problem is that many people tend to overdo it in an attempt to get the most out of the treatment.

It’s bad to overdo teeth whitening because you can not only discolor your teeth in an unflattering way, but you can end up causing tons of oral problems and degradation. Make sure you recognize the signs that you’re going too far with your teeth whitening.

Your Teeth Are Starting to Look Translucent

Sure, you want your teeth to look white. That said, they shouldn’t be allowing light to pass through in a way that your teeth almost have an appearance that you can slightly see through.

Translucent teeth are usually caused by over-whitening, over-bleaching, or other excessive forms of treatment. If you see your teeth looking like this, it’s time to stop what you’re doing and check if your teeth have suffered long-term damage from what you’re applying on them.

The Edges of Teeth Are Discolored

It is true that over-whitening can cause discoloration in the edges of your teeth. This is an immediate sign that you have been whitening them too long or too often.

This can usually be attributed to overexposure to peroxide. The problem with significant discoloration is that it is oftentimes irreversible. In this case, you shouldn’t lean to even more whitening agents. You’ll want to get checked for any corrective procedures you can get.

Your Teeth Feel Sensitive

Sensitivity is one of the most common side effects of tooth whitening. It’s a common problem that usually occurs when teeth have been over-whitened. 

This should be very clear when you consume any food and drinks that are particularly hot or cold. The situation is even worse if you can feel your teeth sensitivity even without eating or drinking. This is usually because of your teeth getting weakened by over-whitening.

Your Enamel is Eroded

Tooth enamel is vital to your teeth because it works as a protective shield that gives your teeth their structure. When your teeth are over-whitened, the enamel can become vulnerable and eroded.

This is an immediate sign that you need to stop because enamel doesn’t come back naturally. The lack of enamel puts you at risk of tooth decay, infection, and other oral problems.

Your Gums Are Swollen

If you are using particularly extensive or harsh methods, then you can make your gums swell up. If your gums get red and sensitive, you should stop using your method of tooth whitening right away.

Should you be using a method that only presents these systems after multiple applications, then this means you’ve overdone it.

You Are Experiencing Discomfort In Your Mouth

One thing to note is that you should not experience pain when whitening your teeth. If it is painful, you should immediately stop and rinse out your mouth. Otherwise, discomfort is a sign that either the products are causing an unwanted reaction or you have overdone it.


Teeth whitening is a very effective way to get the results you want. Just make sure you do it right to avoid any unwanted side effects. Protect yourself from going too far by following instructions and recommendations from the dentist.

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