As a parent, you need to teach your child about the importance of good oral hygiene. It is a crucial aspect of their health that is linked to their overall well being even later in life. 

Good oral health carries over as a preventive measure. It protects a child until they are much older when oral diseases and other medical complications, such as gingivitis, become more threatening. This is why you need to know the benefits of oral hygiene and communicate its importance to your own child so they can also learn to value it. 

This guide looks into the benefits of developing good oral hygiene habits and health in your child. Then, we will take a look into some tips that will help you, as a parent, get your child concerned about their own teeth. 

Why Should You Look After Your Child’s Teeth? 

The following benefits are a more comprehensive look at the importance of looking after your child’s oral health. Take note of them and find ways to teach them to your child.

  • Avoiding cavities, influencing good health

There are so many artificial sugars and chemicals in your child’s favorite soda pop or candy that become damaging to their teeth over time. The same goes for their chewable medicines and seemingly healthy fruit snacks. That means it’s easy for them to develop cavities. 

Teaching your child about good oral hygiene, like brushing and flossing, is part of the preventive measure against cavities. You have to be wary about what they eat or drink and the amount of sugar they consume daily. 

One positive thing about imparting this knowledge is it helps your child understand the importance of eating a healthy diet. This allows for a more holistic approach to looking after your child’s health and wellbeing. 

  • Teaching self-discipline and independence

As you model good brushing and flossing and eating right, you train your child to cultivate good values rooted in self-discipline and independence. This helps them to mature and become responsible individuals. 

When they start basic schooling, your child will have an easier time adjusting and becoming more self-assured. This makes them more confident, and as they teach their own children later about good oral hygiene, these good values pass on. 

  • Accountability in the family

Once your child becomes more independent and learns proper oral hygiene, they will also check up on you. As you look after your child’s teeth, you can also have them do the same for yours. These small habits become opportunities to cultivate family accountability that can manifest in other ways. 

Your Child’s Oral Hygiene Tips

Now that you know about the benefits, take note of the following tips to urge your child to form good oral hygiene practices, and look after their health: 

  • Equip them with the right dental tools suited for their age: Adult toothbrushes and toothpastes are often too harsh for your child’s developing teeth. Buy child-friendly dental products and ask your family dentist for recommendations. 
  • Talk about sugar intake and healthy foods: Cavities should be avoided at all costs. Remind your child about healthy snacks and to only have sweets occasionally. Set the example by eating a healthy diet yourself. 
  • Brush by example: Once they have the right dental tools, start by teaching them when to brush their teeth and for how long. According to the American Dental Association, healthy brushing is defined as a two-minute habit done twice or thrice a day. As a learning opportunity, ask your child to time your brushing together to teach them about time management. 
  • Have them form friendships with your family dentist: Your child must view your family dentist as a friend. This will help them be more confident in the dentist’s chair and relax while they get their teeth cleaned and checked. As an incentive, reward your child after dental consultations for being cooperative. 


Take the opportunity to be a responsible parent by starting with your child’s teeth. Emphasize the importance of good oral hygiene and maintaining your personal health today!

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