Ah, veneers. They have improved your smile incredibly. You love it so much that you can’t imagine not having them. Then you look in the mirror and find out you somehow lost one. Yikes! Don’t panic, though. These things happen. It may have fallen off while you were eating or even sleeping.

While it’s not exactly a dental emergency – at least not like if you lost an actual tooth, it doesn’t mean you should ignore it. After all, it’s going to affect your smile! What should you do then? In this post, your trusted cosmetic dentists in Chattanooga from Shallow Family Dental Group answer that question and more:

What Should You Do if Your Veneer Fell Off?

Well, it’s pretty simple. You just need to call our office and schedule an appointment. We can re-cement the veneer for you if you still have it or create a replacement if it’s lost. We’ll also determine why it happened.

Why Do Veneers Fall Off Sometimes?

While there have been great advancements in the cosmetic dentistry industry, and veneers are proof of that, they are still not completely without fault. They do have pros and cons like other cosmetic dental solutions, and one of the cons is that they fall off sometimes.

It is because veneers are not permanent. Most people replace theirs every few years or so, and that means the cement used to attach the veneers to the teeth should not be permanently binding. Now when veneers are put under excessive pressure, they can fall off.

What Can Dentists Do to Prevent Veneers from Falling Off?

It all comes down to how the veneers are shaped and also how they are installed. Dentists consider the patient’s occlusion or how their top and bottom sets of teeth come together so they can determine the best techniques for the application of veneers. Because everyone’s bite is different, there’s really no one-size-fits-all answer. Thankfully, cutting-edge technology is available in this field, and that can significantly reduce the risk of a veneer falling off.

What Happens If I Break a Veneer?

If your veneer falls off while you are eating, it’s possible that you also break or chip it. Call your dentist immediately to determine whether it could be repaired or you need a replacement as soon as possible. Most of the time, though, it’s the latter.

How Careful Should You Be with your Veneers?

Veneers are crafted carefully and bonded properly, so they should be strong. However, your veneers, even if they’re made from porcelain are still fragile. If you frequently experience a dislodged veneer, it’s highly likely that the problem is the way the veneers were bonded. It’s either that or the veneers are reacting negatively to your bite. Whatever may be the reason, your dentist will need to check them thoroughly to determine the best solution.


Veneers are a popular cosmetic dental solution, and for a good reason. They can transform one’s smile and give people the confidence that they might not have had before they got their smile “fixed.” However, veneers do fall sometimes, and that could make you panic. Just relax, though, and call one of the best cosmetic dentists in Chattanooga so your smile could be as stored as soon as possible. Don’t forget to bring the veneer that fell off if you still have it so the dentist can see if it can be reattached or if you need a new one.

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