Dental veneers have become a lot more popular as prominent figures have started turning to them to make their smiles brighter. Out of all the teeth whitening methods, veneers are one of the more long-lasting solutions that can help prevent further staining. 

Essential Things You Need to Know About Getting Dental Veneers

Before you rush into a clinic expecting to get them right away, make sure you’re well-informed about the procedure! Here are just a couple of notable things you need to keep in mind about veneers.

Veneers are Not a New Set of Teeth

Dental veneers are outer shell coverings for your already existing teeth. They are often made out of porcelain, which can last for years on end. While they certainly have a new smile glow about them, they are not the equivalent of getting new teeth. They don’t give you a pass from taking care of your teeth. There is no excuse to stop practicing proper oral hygiene. 

Take care of your veneers by brushing your teeth regularly, flossing once a day, avoiding smoking, and cutting down on sugars, starches, and teeth-staining food such as coffee and wine. 

Veneers are Custom-Made to Your Teeth

Getting veneers is not a walk-in kind of procedure. Nobody can waltz into a clinic and expect to have a shiny white smile walking out after a few hours. Not all human teeth are the same size, so there aren’t ready-to-go veneers you can choose from on the shelf. 

Every shell is custom-made to fit your set of chompers. Doctors will have to get your dimensions right and order them to be made after. Expect this doctor’s appointment to be a long one, especially if you are getting your teeth done.

Trust Your Dentist With the Shades They Recommend

The whitest smile is sometimes not the brightest. If you demand to get the whitest shade available, it could end up making your smile look cartoonish. Dentists often recommend a shade of white that can naturally blend with you and your smile. Ultimately, it is your choice for the kind of brightness you want to show on your face, but you have to choose wisely.

Veneers are Not Just for Teeth Whitening

Although they are certainly known to whiten your teeth, veneers have other dental functions as well. These outer coverings can fix chipped teeth that accidents may have caused. They can also fill in the gap in your teeth, which is more often than not a hereditary dental condition (Diastema). If you have any of these dental dilemmas and don’t necessarily have the interest or budget for getting veneers for the entire set, let your dentist know.

Veneers are a Long-Term Investment

Dental veneers are not the most affordable option to get your teeth whitened. However, they do last the longest, with a shelf life of fifteen to twenty years before you need to go see a dentist for them again. Think of veneers as a long-term investment for your self-esteem and confidence. When you see it in that light, you’ll come to realize that they’re worth it.


Veneers may be a pricey way to make your teeth look brighter and shinier, but they are an investment that will last you years. These cosmetic fixes can help boost your confidence and can compel you to smile more often than you usually would. Anything that can help you or a loved one improve their self-esteem is a worthwhile investment.

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