People always ask when’s the best time to visit a dentist. The truth is, the best time is not only when you’re experiencing issues with your teeth. Even if you have the best oral hygiene habits and think your teeth are perfectly fine, you should still regularly visit your dentist. There’s no need to have a severe condition for you to see your dentist. However, the frequency of your visit may vary depending on several factors. 

In this article, we will discuss these factors so that you can know the ideal frequency of visits and the typical timeframe recommendation to visit a dentist for kids and adults. Read on to learn more. 

What Are the Factors to Consider to Know the Frequency of Your Dental Visit?

Generally, the frequency of your visits will depend on your oral health condition, oral hygiene habits, general health status, medical conditions, and self- and dentist-assessed risks for oral health problems. Sometimes, it may also depend if you are at high risk of oral diseases and on your dental insurance coverage. However, even if you don’t have any of these considerations, you should still visit your dentist to ensure everything is healthy and on track.

These factors will show how often you should visit your dentist:

  • If There Are Changes to Your Dental Health

Once you’ve noticed that there are some chipped, cracked or shifting teeth, swollen or bleeding gums, persistent tooth pain, and sensitivity to cold or hot beverages, you should go to your dentist immediately. Usually, the dentist can treat these in one appointment, but some may require you for a follow-up checkup. If you have some of these instances, the frequency of your visit will depend on your dentist’s advice and treatment. 

  • If You Receive a Dental Work

Once you receive dental work like a filling, crown, or oral surgery, there is a need for upkeep, so there’s a higher chance that you will go back to the dentist. They will require you to have another appointment to ensure that your teeth and gums are healing properly. 

But, if you have gum disease, your dentist appointment may be more frequent. It usually occurs every 2-6 months. 

How Often Should a Child Get Dental Checkups?

If you have a child and their first tooth comes out, you should already take them to the dentist to get their first oral exam. Once they get older, their dental checkups will depend on their dentist’s advice. But typically, dentists recommend dental checkups for children every six months to a year. 

How Often Should an Adult Get Dental Checkups?

Dental visit frequency for adults vary. It may depend on your own oral health needs and vulnerability to cavities, gum problems, or oral health issues. But, studies say that regular attenders who visit the dentists go at least once a year. Those with dental health insurance also visit the dentist more often than those who do not have. 


Whether you have an existing oral health condition or perfectly white teeth, a visit to the dentist is necessary. You cannot know if you have healthy teeth or have a current oral health condition if you will not let the dentist check your teeth. Make sure to see one at least once a year to ensure that you really have optimal oral health and manage conditions if there are any. 

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