Replacement teeth and dentures are not only for the elderly. In fact, many younger people also have them because of problems with their teeth. It is not a sign of weakness to wear dentures, and in fact, experts say that there are approximately 41 million people in the United States who wear them. These dental replacements have helped people of all ages with various dental issues.

Common Reasons Why People Will Benefit from Dentures

1 – They Have Missing Teeth

This is a common reason why people opt to get dentures. They may want to avoid having to go to the dentist for a long time because of missing teeth. A dentist may not want to perform surgery to put in implants because of how many teeth are missing. The dentist may suggest that the patient wear dentures instead. This will help the patient save time and money and have a perfectly good smile.

2 – They Have a Poor Oral Health

This is also common when it comes to dentures. Many people will choose to wear them because they have a lot of cavities in their mouths. They may also have gum disease and missing teeth. This will help to avoid further infections because they will be able to keep the problem areas clean. They will also be able to avoid toothaches and even serious health problems such as heart disease.

3 – Gum Disease

Patients who have issues with gum disease often wear dentures. The disease tends to make gum tissue death, and the patient may need to have a gum graft. Instead of having this surgery, he or she may choose to get dentures instead. The dentures can cover the area that is affected by gum disease.

4 – Tooth Decay

Patients with tooth decay may also wear dentures. Tooth decay will damage the teeth and cause cavities. It may also cause infections in the gums. Patients can get dentures instead of mouth guards. This way, they will be able to avoid further damage to their teeth and prevent the spread of the bacteria which causes cavities.

5 – Bone Loss

Patients who have bone loss may wear dentures because it will help them recover from the loss. This is a condition in which the bone structure is lost because of the bone being resorbed by the body. They will be able to replace the bone with dentures and make sure that their bone density recovers.

6 – Other Health Issues

Patients may have other health issues, and this will not allow them to have any teeth. They may have a disease that will prevent them from having any teeth, and they may need dentures to replace the teeth that they lost. They may also be losing their teeth due to the degeneration of their teeth.


Patients who have lost a lot of teeth may want to wear dentures instead of getting implants. This will save them time and money and prevent further infections and diseases. Dentures are safe, and they improve the health of the patient. Dentures can also improve the self-esteem of the patient.

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