The painful and difficult part is finally over. You survived your wisdom tooth removal surgery, and now, the recovery process will begin. For many patients, the recovery period after a wisdom tooth extraction isn’t much of a big deal. 

Some patients experience mild discomfort and swelling for a few days as the wound heals. However, since not all cases are the same, some patients may have had a more intense extraction and could need a week or two to recover. This is why you must get professional medical treatment from an experienced family dentist in Chattanooga.

But regardless of the recovery period, you’ll still have limited options on what foods are safe to eat. When you’re recovering from surgery, it’s imperative that your body still gets the sufficient vitamins and nutrients it needs. While consuming beverages isn’t a problem, you’ll need to eat some food to get proteins and minerals. 

If you’re about to get your wisdom tooth extracted, here are some food tips that could help you in your recovery. Let’s dive into it!

Things you need to consider before eating

Your family dentist will inform you that hard foods are out of the question after your wisdom tooth extraction while you recover. Besides that, you’ll need to avoid crunchy, sticky, sweet, and spicy food because it may cause you discomfort. 

Besides that type of food you’re eating, you also need to consider the temperature of the food you’re about to consume. This is because extremely hot or cold foods can cause irritation in your gums and may cause the wound to react, causing irritation and discomfort. 

Additionally, avoid using straws when you drink since the pressure created when you pull on the straw may loosen existing blood clots and trigger bleeding again. When this happens, you may be at risk of developing a dry socket, a painful dental inflammation.

Lastly, avoid any food types that can cat, irritate, and scratch your mouth while you’re recovering from your extraction. By doing this, you’ll heal faster and avoid further complications. 

Post-wisdom tooth removal food suggestions

Below is a list of meals that you can have while you recover from your wisdom tooth extraction. 

  • Soups, broths, and congee

Some common go-to foods of patients after dental surgery are soups, broths, and congee. These nutritious, delicious, and easy-to-ingest meals are great because they provide you with the sufficient protein, minerals, and vitamins you need from food. They’re also relatively easy to make!

  • Smoothies

Another great way to get vitamins, nutrients, and fiber in your systems is by drinking super tasty smoothies. The great thing about smoothies is that you can mix in different fruits and greens and simply pop them in a blender. But remember not to use a straw when you drink your smoothies.

  • Yogurt 

If you want a colder option, you can opt for yogurt and ice cream meals. Yogurt is an incredibly healthy food and is often paired with different fruits and jams that will help fill your tummy. Besides that, yogurt can help cool your wound, allowing it to recover and heal much quicker. 

  • Pasta and rice

We all need carbohydrates in our bodies for the extra boost of energy. One of the best ways to get that is through pasta and rice. However, you may need to go past al dente and slightly overcook your pasta and rice so that they are soft and easy to ingest. 


Now that you know the different food options you can have after your wisdom tooth extraction, it’s time to flex your creativity and imagination in the kitchen so that you can still enjoy delicious and healthy meals while you recover. With the help of your trusted family dentist, you’ll be able to have a successful wisdom tooth removal and have the appropriate post-op treatment for a smoother and speedy recovery. You’ll then be able to eat whatever you want in no time!

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